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Garlic Food For Health Protection

With our kids all back in school, we’re starting to see some sniffles here and there with the changes of the season. As we all know, a cold can be passed around a classroom faster that you can say “hachoo.” And in turn, we can pass it off around the office.Some of the best defenses against the common cold and clue are right in your pantry.

 Honey, Ginger, Garlic. Here are three really great ideas we’ve culled from around the web that are delicious, whether you are sick or not, but could offer some added immune-boosting nutrients at a time when you need it most.

Power Popsicles
We are loving the idea of “power popsicles” that can soothe a sore, dry throat as well as give you some needed vitamin boosters. The idea is that you keep them on hand in the freezer for soothing anytime. Packed with all natural remedies, these are an excellent addition to your cold and flu season arsenal.

We came across this amazing site from Rosalie De la Foret called MethowValleyHerbs.com. She has a fantastic recipe for Chamomile and Honey Popsicles.

Chamomile is a very common tea found at most supermarkets. You use the liquid from the tea in the posicles. Rosalie uses dried hibiscus flowers for color, as well, but we think you could modify this and use honey and lemon juice for a burst of Vitamin and could even omit the yogurt if you’d like it dairy-free. Either way, this is such a genius idea for little ones.

Ginger Pop & Chews
Kids may not like the taste of raw ginger because it’s strong and can be a bit overwhelming and spicy even. But ginger is one of the best defenses available. Ginger contains natural chemicals that open nasal and sinus passageways and is great for soothing sore throats and other respiratory ailments and also has some natural anti0viral properties, as well.

Instead of soda, opt for your own ginger soda with some orange or lime juice to cut some of the spiciness. It’s so delicious and almost addicting. It may be a taste that you and your kids may have to develop, but it’s worth trying a few times. And candied ginger packs a punch but you only need a little and we love the chewy texture.

Garlicky Goodness: Baked Garlic Chicken Bites with Garlic, Horseradish Ketchup
For centuries, people worldwide have know about the health benefits of a diet rich in garlic. It is packed with natural, immune building antioxidants and contains an enzyme that helps your body heal itself.

But, garlic is another one that kids may shay away from as it can be really strong and over powering. We love this dish because it’s easy to do, you probably have almost all the ingredients in your fridge or pantry and we’re pretty sure that kids and adults would gobble this up. Recipe here.

We think grating a little raw garlic and horseradish (just a little) into your ketchup (organic, if you can find) is a nice way to add some raw garlic in. When eaten together, as a family, there’s no need to worry about garlic breath! Enjoy.

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